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Assessing & Tax

Principal Residence Exemption

Conditional Recission of Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit

Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption

Affidavit for Disabled Veteran Exemption

Personal Property Statement

Affidavit to Claim Small Business Tax Exemption

Disabled Veteran's Exemption Information

Poverty Exemption Standards and Application

Poverty Exemption Guidelines

Property Tax Bill/History Request


19-20 Draft City Budgets


Fee Schedule

Cemetery Rules


Voter Registration Form
Michigan Absent Voter Ballot Application-Fillable
Michigan Absent Voter Ballot Application -Printable
Michigan Absent Voter Ballot Application-Large Print Version
Michigan Absent Voter Ballot Application - Spanish Version


FOIA Request Form

FOIA Appeals Form

FOIA Public Procedures and Guidelines

FOIA Procedures & Guidelines

Income Tax Forms

City Income Tax Ordinance
City Income Tax Act 284
Notice of Change or Discontinuance
GSS-4 Form-Employers Withholding Registration
Employer-Withholding Tax Guide
GR W-4 Employee Withholding Certificate
GR 1040-ES Form-Estimated Tax Payment
GR-1040X Amended Individual Return
GR-4868-Application for Extension

2019 FORMS

2019 Employer Withholding Book

2018 FORMS

2018 GR-1040 Instructions

2018 GR-1040 Forms

2018 GR-1065 Partnership Instructions

2018 GR-1065 Partnership Forms

2018 GR-1065 Schedule K-1 Instructions

2018 GR-1065 Schedule K-1 Form

2018 GR-1065 Payment Vouchers

GR 1065 & 1120 Application for Extension

2018 GR-1120 Corporate Instructions

2018 GR-1120 Corporate Forms

2017 FORMS

GR-1040 2017 Individual Return Form

2017 Individual Return Booklet and Form

2017 Corporation Book

2017 Partnership Book

2017 Employer Tax Withholding Booklet
2016 FORMS
2016 Corporation
2016 Partnership
2016 Employer Withholding Form
2016 GR 1040 Form and Instructions
2016 GR 1040 Form
2015 FORMS
2015 Corporation
2015 Partnership
2015 Employer Withholding Form
2015 GR 1040 Form and Instructions
2015 GR 1040 Form
2014 FORMS
2014 Corporation
2014 Partnership
2014 Employer Withholding Form
2014 GR 1040 Form and Instructions
2014 GR 1040 Form
2013 FORMS
2013 Corporation
2013 Partnership
2013 Employer Withholding Form
2013 GR 1040 Form and Instructions
2013 GR 1040 Form

water-sewer forms

Payment Arrangement Form

Final Utility Bill and/or Closing Documents Fillable Form

Applications & Permits

Boards and Committees Applications

City Council Application

DDA/GMS Board Member Application

Peddler's Permit Application

Business Sponsored Peddler's Permit Application

Commercial Land Use Permit Application

Zoning Fee Schedule-All

Multi-Use Permit

Residential Land Use Permit Application

Application for Employment

Fillable Application for Employment

Right of Way Permit

Variance Request

2019 Yard Waste Schedule

Fee Schedule

public safety forms

Fire /  Police  Report Request

New Business Plan Review Application

Commercial Fire Inspection Annual Form