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City Council/Zoning Board of Appeals


Welcome to the City of Grayling's
City Council/Zoning Board of Appeals

Mayor - Heather Forbes              Email: mayor@cityofgrayling.org
Mayor Pro-Tem - Jack Pettyjohn
Councilperson - William Dennis Sloan
Councilperson - Roger Moshier 
Councilperson - McKenzie Nelson

Questions please Email: clerk@cityofgrayling.org

2020-2021  CITY BUDGET

2021-2022 CITY BUDGET


Certification form 4886

Citizen's Guide

Performance Dashboard

Debt Service Reports

Projected Budget Report

ZBA Bylaws

City Council - Duties

Your Mayor and City Council are an active, elected body of government responsible for legislation and policy-making for the City. The five Council Members are elected by voters of the City of Grayling.

Council shall at its first meeting following the regular city election, choose one of its members Mayor and shall choose one of its members Mayor Pro-Tem. Council members are devoted to: Adopting all City Ordinances and City Charter.

The biggest role a city council member must fill is participation at city council meetings. Council members have the power to make and second motions, vote on matters presented before the council and partake in discussions.

An individual council member cannot supervise city employees. An individual member cannot give orders, but the entire council has authority over the city's administrative affairs. This means a council member can work to enact legislation for the city, set and interpret rules in relation to the city's proceedings, direct the enforcement of city laws, protect the welfare of city residents.

It shall be the duty of the city council to hire a City Manager who shall carry out such policies, in general, be charged with and responsible for all administrative duties.

The Mayor has additional responsibilities as the official head of the City, representing the City at various government functions on a local, state and national basis.

City Clerk keeps records of all Meeting Minutes.


The Board has the power to act on matters as provided in The Zoning Ordinance and Act 110, of the Public Acts of 2006, as amended.

City Clerk keeps records of all Meeting Minutes.

City Council Meetings are held:
City Hall 1020 City Blvd                                                    
on the 2nd Monday                                                        
of each Month @ 6:30 p.m.

2024 City Council meetings schedule 

Zoning Board of Appeals Meetings are held as needed.

Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the City of Grayling by calling: 989-348-2131, via email: clerk@cityofgrayling.org or by mail: City of Grayling, PO Box: 549, Grayling MI 49738