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Property Tax Board of Review

Welcome to the City of Grayling’s
Property Tax Board of Review
- Richard Ferrigan
Member - Vacant Seat
Member - Mary Varty
Alternate - Harold Golnick
Secretary - Chris Verlac, City Assessor

Questions please contact: assessor@cityofgrayling.org

Property Tax Board of Review - Duties

Is to hear the public protest of their property taxes and if it shall appear that any person or property has been wrongfully assessed or omitted from the roll the Board shall correct the roll in such manner as it deems just. In all cases the roll shall be reviewed according to the facts existing on the tax day and no change in the status of any property after said day shall be considered by the Board in making its decisions.

Except as otherwise provided by statute, no person other than the Board of Review shall make or authorize any change upon or additions or corrections to the assessment roll.

It shall be the duty of the Assessor to keep a permanent record of all proceedings and to enter therein all resolutions and decisions of the Board, and to make all corrections to the roll as ordered by the Board.

The Property Tax Board of Review meets each year in March (Public Comment Only), July and December (for clerical error corrections-not for Public Comment).

Residents interested in sitting on the Property Tax Board of Review can fill out the Boards and Committees Application form and mail to: City of Grayling Attn: City Clerk PO Box 549 Grayling MI 49738.