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DDA/Grayling Main Street Board

Welcome to the City of Grayling's

DDA / Grayling Main Street Board

Executive Director

Chair - Josie Swander 

Vice Chair - Jack Pettyjohn

Treasurer - Christine LaFontaine

Member - Vacant

Member - Kyle Stonehouse

Member - Michelle Millikin

Member - Erich Podjaske, City Manager

Member - Allison Smith

Member - Stacey Huber

Questions please email:   Downtowngrayling@gmail.com

If interested in sitting on the DDA/GMS Board, please contact City Hall or fill out a DDA/GMS Board Member Application and send to: City of Grayling Attn: City Clerk PO Box 549 Grayling MI 49738

DDA/GMS Meeting are held at:
City Hall 1020 City Blvd                                                    
on the 2nd Thursday                                                     
of each Month @ 8:30 a.m.

DDA/GMS Work Sessions are held at:
106 E Michigan Ave
on the 4th Wednesday
of each Month @ 8:30 a.m.

The purpose of this organization is to act as a Downtown Development Authority in accordance with Act 197 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1975, as amended, (the "Act") and include, but not limited to, the prevention of deterioration in the downtown district, the encouragement of historic preservation, the creation and implementation of development plans, to increase property values in the downtown district, and to promote economic growth therein.

Please review the Grayling Downtown Plan  and DDA Bylaws if you wish to learn more on the DDA District and Plan.

Please find more information on Grayling Mainstreet by viewing their website.