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Property Tax Department

Welcome to the City of Grayling’s Property Tax Department

City Treasurer:  Jenny Maples

Email:  treasurer@cityofgrayling.org
Phone: 989-348-2131 ext 102

The City of Grayling collects property taxes in the summer and winter for itself and other taxing jurisdictions.  Summer bills are mailed out July 1st and are due by September 14th.  Winter bills are mailed out December 1st and are due by February 14th.  All payments must be received in the City Hall office by 4:30 pm on the due date or they will be considered late. After these dates, penalties and interest will apply. The City of Grayling does not accept postmarks.

PRINCIPAL RESIDENCE EXEMPTION'S DO NOT EXPIRE. Inaccurate posts being shared on social media claiming that PRE expire is inaccurate. They DO NOT Expire.

For deferment of Summer Taxes please fill out the Application for summer tax deferment and bring into City Hall before the billing due date.

Tax bill information can be accessed online. You will be redirected to the BSA website where you must set up a free account and then you will have unlimited access to your information.

Access the BSA website here.

To pay your property taxes online

Visit: PROPERTY TAX ONLINE PAYMENT a fee for online payments is 2.95% of the amount being paid (min. $2.95) this fee will be added to your payment and goes directly to AllPaid for this service.

**Please note there is an added fee to do this, we cannot accept credit card payments over the phone and you must enter your full property tax ID number. 

Mail payments to:
City of Grayling
PO Box 549
Grayling, MI 49738

In person at: City of Grayling 1020 City Blvd, Grayling MI 49738

Via the drop box: Located to the left of the front door of City Hall.

Please make checks payable to the City of Grayling.
If you would like a receipt, please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope with your tax payment.
**Please note the City of Grayling does not accept postmarks.

Partial Payments are accepted any time after the summer and winter bills go out.

Delinquent taxes are sent to Crawford County March 1st ; you would need to contact them for a payoff at 989-344-3231.

Personal Property Taxes

Personal property taxes are levied on business non-inventory furniture, fixtures and equipment. Every business must annually file a personal property tax statement, or Affidavit to claim Small Business Tax Exemption form. If you do not file this statement or exemption affidavit, by February 20th of each year, the assessor is required to estimate the value of this equipment. It is in your best interest to file this statement.
For more information, please contact Christie Verlac, the Assessor by email or by calling 989-348-2131.

Personal property taxes are delinquent as of March 1. The city collects delinquent personal property taxes. If these taxes are not paid, the City may seize the assets and sell them to pay the outstanding taxes.