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Welcome to the City of Grayling’s Cemetery Department


Director: Ben Yoder
Email: cemetery@cityofgrayling.org
Phone: 989-348-2131 x103

The Sexton is responsible for overseeing the operations for Elmwood Cemetery.

Ownership and Management

Elmwood Cemetery is owned, managed and operated by the City of Grayling. Chapter 10 of the City Code of Ordinances designates the cemetery management as the responsibility of the City Manager.  Grayling Charter Township participates cooperatively in the use and operating expense.  The general office for Elmwood Cemetery is within the Grayling City Office Building located at 1020 City Blvd, P.O. Box 549 Grayling, Michigan 49738.  The office is open to the public from 8:00am until 4:30pm Monday through Friday.  A database of Certificate holders and burial records is maintained at this location.

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General Objectives

It is the aim of the City to maintain and perpetuate quiet places, sacredly devoted to the interment and repose of the deceased.  In this objective, the support and cooperation of all concerned is essential.  The general care provided by the City must be supplemented by the unified efforts of those interested.  Conflicting and inharmonious practices in the care of burial plots or installations shall be avoided. 

The general upkeep, improvement and development of the cemetery is provided by the City and financed from operational budgets of the City of Grayling and Grayling Charter Township.  Trust funds have been established with the intent of providing general upkeep and care after all burial space has been sold.  Higher standards of care will be possible as the treatment of individual burial plots becomes more uniform and simple.  Excessive or improperly placed plantings or decorations result in prohibitive costs.


All charges for services must be paid in advance. For items with a fee within the  City of Grayling's Cemetery the City  has set a fee schedule.

Services that may only be provided by the City include:

All opening and closing services.
Perpetual care of burial plots.
Installation of monument and marker foundations.
Special care services.
Every effort will be made to handle special orders for services in a timely manner.

Please review the Cemetery Rules.