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What are some Impacts of Food Hubs?

Economic: By supporting and promoting regional food procurement, food hubs have the potential to increase the economic vitality of food businesses in a region. When institutions such as hospitals and schools with tremendous buying power commit to procuring regional food, they generate more revenue within their local communities. Effects of food hubs can also be seen in job creation in food-related businesses all the
way from producers to consumers.

Social: Food hubs that offer business training and community programming are creating connections across many community members. Food business professionals learn from one another. Activities that build awareness of relevant issues related to food production also increase social ties. Many food hubs work for the social good, donating “seconds” to food banks and therefore increasing healthy food access.

Environmental: Whether it’s through increasing the amount of food bought within our immediate communities, teaching new methods of sustainable production, or hosting environmental awareness programming, food hubs can play a large and visible role in positive environmental change.

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