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Income Tax Department

Welcome to the City of Grayling’s Income Tax Office
Income Tax Administrator - Lisa K. Johnson
Email: treasurer@cityofgrayling.org

Income Tax Clerk - Ginny Taylor
Email: incometax@cityofgrayling.org
Phone: 989-348-2131

Mission Statement

The mission of the City Income Tax Department is to collect the city income tax efficiently and equitably within the limits of the city income tax ordinance.

The City Income Tax Department is part of the Office of the City Treasurer’s Office.

The Income Tax CLERK performs the following duties:

  • Individual Returns: Audits individual income tax returns and issues refunds or assessments as required.
  • Withholding Tax: Supervises the withholding accounts of employers.
  • Corporation Tax: Administers income tax for corporations; audits their returns.
  • Customer Service: Assists customers and performs special audits.
  • Prepare 1099 G’s.
  • Process Employers Reconciliations, W3’s.
  • Annually performs due diligence requirements for Unclaimed Property with the State of Michigan.
  • Prepares all necessary Income Tax Forms and Publications.
  • Maintains Confidentiality of Records.
  • Archiving Returns.
  • Enforcement of the Uniform City Income Tax Ordinance.
  • Balance monthly with the City Treasurer.
  • Issue Refund Checks.
  • Deposit all Income Tax Payments and Balances with City Treasurer Monthly.

City Income Taxes are generated by a flat 1.0% rate applied to the income of City residents, and businesses. Non-residents working in the City pay 0.5%. Few adjustments to gross income are allowed in computing the tax. Income taxes account for 24% of general fund revenues.

To pay your income taxes online:

Visit: Income Tax Online Payment Website a fee for online payments is 2.75% of the amount being paid (min. $2.75) this fee will be added to your payment and goes directly to GovPay for this service.

Filing Date: Your return must be filed by April 30 of the current year.


Make remittance checks payable to: CITY OF GRAYLING

Mail return and remittance with appropriate wage and tax statements to:

City of Grayling
Attn: Income Tax Dept.
PO Box 549
Grayling MI 49738